Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tips for Traveling with Little Ones Made Easy

There are few things that paralyze parents with fear more than the prospect of loading up the car for a road trip and traveling with little ones.  Of course there is all the gear and preparations to make everything goes as smooth as possible, not to mention ways to make "are we there yet" be as quick, pleasant and mess-free as possible.

Here are some simple tips that can make traveling with kids easier, and give you more time for the fun:
1. Pack a fun bag, that has little toys or games.  It's fun to make some of the things in the bag items that are either new, or haven't been seen or used by your child in a while.
2. Think of some fun car games for example "car bingo" or the alphabet game
3. Plan a few stops along the way if the drive is long.
4. Pack a snack bag
5. Pack a "cleanup bag" which includes change of clothes, plastic bag for dirty clothes, wipes, & paper towels and a spare Nomie Baby car seat cover to continue to protect your car seat.

Being caught off guard usually makes things worse, so the better prepared the better things will be!
Enjoy the ride and all the fun together.  AND, to make it even easier, here's 10% OFF to make your next road trip hassle-free.  Simply use promo code "Road Trip" at! Choose from many different colors for the cozy, clean look you and your little one will love.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ali Landry is the Newest Nomie Baby Fan!

Ali Landy is a Fan of Nomie Baby car seat covers!Babies are sweet, cute, fun to cuddle and MESSY!  Yes, they are all messy.  No matter how cute, big, small, boy or girl, they all spill, leak and even worse.  How many times have parents apologized for being late because, "we were all ready to leave and then she spit up and we had to start all over again." Or "I never knew so much could possibly come out of something so small."

It was thanks to repeated messes and time-consuming car seat cleanups that Nomie Baby was born.  In the 5 years since Nomie Baby started, the happy-mess has spread. Parents are realizing that there is a hassle-free way to deal with the mess.  It is wonderful hearing from people when they "get it," seeing the re-orders for car seat covers for their friends and other children and having FANS spread the word.

Over the years,  it's great to see that parents we know, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum, Roger Federer all have Nomie Baby Car Seat Covers for their kids, and the latest Fan is Ali Landry, who will be ready when her newest baby arrives.

It's great to know that they are available for everyone, and not at celebrities prices.  Simply click and have them delivered directly to you from many different retailers such as, and of course as well as many other favorites.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cozy Stroller Blankets for Warm Snuggly Strolls

The weather is definitely getting colder, and now is the perfect time to gear up.  Many stores are running sales now in case, like me, you didn't get your winter coat in August.  This is also the perfect time to get your little one all the gear to keep them warm and cozy while out and about.

The Nomie Baby Stroller Blanket is the ideal stroller accessory to help get you from fall to winter and all the way through spring.  They are made with a wind resistant outer layer, and lined with super soft and snuggly fleece, so your little one will love bundling up for strolls.  Another great feature is that if you child falls asleep while strolling, and you don't want to wake them when you get inside, however you also don't want them to end up in a pool of sweat, you can easily unzip the entire top layer, and let them stay asleep.  After all - never wake a sleeping baby!

The cozy stroller blankets are also washing machine and dryer friendly, so if it's snack-time you don't have to worry if they make a mess.  Simply slip the blanket off, throw it in the washing machine and dryer, and it will still be as soft as before.  And, at $39.95-$49.95, you can take advantage of the Nomie Baby "2 or more" discount, so you are always covered, even on laundry day!

The Nomie Baby stroller blanket  is designed to have a universal fit with all strollers and baby joggers, so it slips in and out in seconds!  Now getting out the door is easier than ever!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tips for Traveling Lighter With Children - Pack Nomie Baby Car Seat Cover to Save Time & Money!

Other Great Space and Money Saving Tips:

We all know how much "stuff" we need to bring when we are just going out for a stroll.  When it comes to traveling with children the list goes on and on and on, which is not only difficult to deal with, but can add up in these times of extra charges on airlines.  Therefore, anything that can lighten the load can not only make things easier, but can potentially save money too!

There are many companies that rent everything from pack 'n plays, to strollers even toys, and have them delivered to you, so not only is packing easier, but your little one has all their creature comforts when they arrive.  Another space saving tip is to pack a few diapers and wipes in your carry on diaper bag, and allow deliver the rest along with baby food, since you know how many diapers those little people can go through.  All you need to do is place the order a few days in advance, and let do the rest.  Again, not only does this save you packing time, but since it lightens your bags, you won't run the risk of having to pay overweight or extra bag fees!

Another traveling tip is to pack your nomie baby car seat cover.  When you are renting a car, pre-order a car seat from the rental company, and leave your car seat at home.  As soon as they bring you your car and car seat, you can slip the car seat cover on in seconds and provide your child with a germ-free, clean, cozy seat!  Then when it's time to return you car and car seat, you don't have to worry about any potential cleaning fees, or losing your deposit due to messes, accidents, spills or worse, since you will be delivering a perfectly clean seat.  I bet they will even thank you!  Again, this is a great way to lug less, and save more time and even money!

You now have all this extra time and possibly money - enjoy your vacation!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Car Seat Covers for Booster Seats

The other day my husband left early in the morning with his car, and in it was our daughter's booster seat, so we were stuck without one for the day.   I remembered that an old booster seat used by my older daughter had been living on a shelf in the garage for years.  I dug it out from behind the old paint cans.  It was in perfectly good shape, but so dirty and dusty.  I didn't want to put my little 6 year old in it, but had no choice.  I tried shaking it off, and cleaning it as best I could, but it was still pretty gross.  I decided to try the nomie baby toddler car seat cover.  It slipped around the edges and tucked under the base so easily.  It worked perfectly!  The booster was quickly transformed into her very own comfy, cozy and CLEAN booster seat in 10 seconds.  Then off we went enjoying the day!  She was so excited to still be able to use the cozy car seat cover, and was even looking forward to using different colors on different days!  Perhaps to match her mood or headband!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

No need to make your own car seat cover when Nomie Baby has done all the work for you!

Sometimes it's fun to have projects, and make things yourself.  It's a way to add your special touch, make it personal, or just have a fun activity.  However, when it comes to creating things that will make your live easier, there seems to be no need to reinvent the wheel when someone has done all the hard work for you.  

Often people are searching for car seat covers, and many responses involve ways to make your own.  This seems like a strange solution, since the purpose of a car seat cover is to solve a messy problem and make things easier.  Nomie Baby has done all the work for you, and with a variety of colors to meet everyone's style.  They are also reasonably priced, so having a few on hand is not a problem, just the way you have a number of changing table covers, so when one is in the laundry, you are still covered.

If you still want to your car seat cover to have a personal touch, order one with your child's name in a fun font and color.  Now you have more time for other fun projects.